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Automatic Pump Controller
The test parts for pressure and flux in automatic controller water pump PS-01E are capable of controlling the operation of water pump according to the continuously changeable pressure and current. There is a pressure regulating screw built in the device to set the start pressure you need. The start pressure of the water pump, that is the adjusted pressure, can be read in pressure gauge (Adjustment of pressure must be adjusted by professionals). However, this operation can only regulate the start pressure and the pressure of the pipeline shall be referred to the installed lift of the water pump. It has attractive appearance. The controller has a larger flux, which is widely used in garden irrigation, such as swimming pool and fountain.
Technical parameters:
• Rated voltage: 220V - 240V 110V,120V
• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Max current: 12A
• Max.power: 1.1kw
• Start pressure setting:1.5bar-3.3bar
• Max working pressure: 10bar
• Connecting thread: R1”
• Grade of protection: IP65
• Max working temperature: 55℃
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