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Automatic pump controller
The product can substitute the parts in automatic water pump with complex structure controlled by traditional machinery switch (Such as pressure gauge, pressure switch, T-valve, check valve and pressure tank). It is featured with steady performance, low maintenance cost, long service life and convenient installation. When the water pump runs, the pressure in pipeline system will rise and when the required pressure of the equipment is reached for several seconds, the water pump stops working. In case this process can not make the pressure in pipeline reach the required pressure of the equipment, in this case, press “Restart” button and keep it, and wait for the pressure in pipeline reaching the required pressure of the equipment. Release the button and close the water tap. The product stays in normal standby state and keeps the pipeline system in water supply state with a constant pressure.
The product is specially designed to automatically control the running of household water pump. The main function of the product is to keep the household water supply system in water supply state with a constant pressure. If special fault occurs, such as water shortage and the jam of suction tube, the product is able to identify these faults and can stop the water pump at the same time, to prevent the water pump running under water shortage. After the faults causing jam or water shortage are eliminated, it is allowed to press “Restart” button to restart the water pump. The controller has the restore function after power faults and its start flux is about 36-60L liter/hour, which reduces the hammer effect in system pipeline. It is an ideal selection for household application.
Technical parameters:
• Rated voltage: 220V - 240V110V,120V
• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Max current: 10A
• Start pressure setting:1.5bar,2.2bar
• Max working pressure: 10bar
• Connecting thread: R1”
• Grade of protection: IP65
• Max working temperature: 60℃
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